Make your own clay decorations

This morning we made some air-drying clay.

We used the recipe from Nurture Store.


It is a really simple recipe and uses only two ingredients – cornflour and pva glue.

Put the cornflour (2 parts) and pva glue (1 part) into a bowl and mix together.

If it is too dry, then you can add a little more glue and if it is to wet, add a little more cornflour.

It is that straightforward.

Mix it until it forms a ball, the consistency should be like dough.

Then we rolled it out and using cookie cutters we made various shapes.

As we are now into autumn and its only a few weeks to Christmas, we decided to make some christmas shapes so that we can hang them on our christmas trees.

2014-10-05 21.21.49

We used 4 different cookie cutters – star, bell, angel and snowflake.

Once we had cut out the shapes, we used a pen to push a small hole into the top of each one, so that we would be able to thread some ribbon onto them once dry so that we will be able to hang them up.

Then we left them on a tray to dry overnight.

Then we set to work decorating them.

To decorate, we used crayons, paint and glitter.