Collecting shells

Once the initial excitement of paddling in the sea had worn off, and the weather had turned a bit cooler, we set about collecting shells on the beach.wpid-wp-1409688562896.jpeg

Much to hubby’s dismay, we had collected buckets full of them the year before, and despite his resistance at having them in his car, we managed to sneak a bag or two home. We have been using them recently for some of our activities and Rachel had been able to make use of them at school for a school project, so i was keen to collect some more this year.

We found that West Wittering Beach was a great place to collect them – they were easier to spot in the sand, than on the shingle of the Selsey beach by the bungalow.wpid-wp-1409688710023.jpeg

But there were plenty to find on our beach too, you just had to look harder!

Jack was very defeatist and kept saying he couldn’t find any, so I had to help him a lot and point him in the right direction. Rachel was much better.

Over the week, we managed to collect a good couple of small buckets full.

We also found a few other exciting bits and bobs, like a crab claw, a crab shell, mussel shells, seaweed and some crazy rocks.

And great news, I managed to sneak them back in Daddy’s new car!

Now we need to find uses for them.