I know what we did this summer!

Well, the summer is over and we are all back to school and nursery and work.
So how did we get on with our summer bucket list?
Well we didn’t manage to get through all of the things on there. Time just got away from us.
We did make it to a couple of festivals – the British Summertime Festival and Lollibop.
We paddled and swam in the sea – a lot – even though it was freezing cold!
We collected shells and did lots and lots of arts and crafts.

We made lots and lots of yummy treats including ice lollies, scones and flapjack!
Rachel made it to the movies with Daddy to watch Planes 2, but I think Jack was at nursery and I was at work.
Some things that we didn’t get time to do that I really had hoped we would do were camping out, and toasting marshmallows on a barbecue.
I will definitely add these to the list of to-do’s for next year! The children love to be outdoors and I think they would enjoy being outside – although they are a bit scared of bugs so it could be a bit more interesting!!
I hope you all had a fantastic summer and did lots of great things together 🙂
Here comes Autumn!