Holiday fun for the family! (part 2) having a stay cation

For our second family holiday this year we chose a staycation, returning to the same bungalow we stayed in last summer.

By the sea in Selsey.

The journey was just as long as our flight earlier this year to Fuereventura, but was more comfortable and child friendly in many ways. You don’t have to wait around, as you are in your own car and you can stop as often as you need to.
It was especially more comfortable as we were in hubby’s new car!


On a staycation – in Britain anyway – it is almost impossible to know what to pack. So you have to be prepared for all eventualities just in case you have some sunshine!

The great thing about returning to the same property that you have been to before, is that you know what you are getting and what to expect. We knew that there was a washing machine and tumble dryer, so we knew that we wouldn’t be coming home with a weeks worth of washing. This also meant we could pack a bit lighter.

Thank goodness for the tumble dryer as, from the minute we arrived, the kids loved being by the beach and playing in the sea, getting drenched – even though the weather wasn’t super – and both went through three outfits in the first afternoon!

We had a lovely and relaxing week, spending time with family, going out and about, enjoying the fresh air and when the weather allowed going down onto the beach and into the sea!


James, his sister and I (and even Rachel had a go as well!) all did our ice bucket challenges on the beach by the bungalow which was pretty cool.

We only had one expensive day out to Beaulieu Motor Museum and the rest of the time we just enjoyed the fresh air and company.

wpid-img_20140828_163131.jpgWith a stay cation – particularly if you are in a cottage/self catering accommodation – you do still have to cook for yourselves – you don’t always want to and can’t always afford to eat out every night, but we all took it in turns to provide the food and shared out the cleaning.

Also being in the UK gave us a chance to catch up with other Kettle family members who came to visit us for the day at the bungalow. “Mummy, Great Uncle Kettle is here!” announced Jack!


Another benefit for us of a staycation, is that you are on your home turf and the products you use at home – especially children’s bits and bobs like nappies etc are easy to get hold of.

The downside of this place was the lack of mobile signal and internet connection, so it did in some ways feel more secluded than we were in Fuerteventura!

We even enjoyed a child-free day, when the in-laws took the kids out for the day and we got to enjoy peace and quiet and I read a book – a whole book that was written for grown ups. No, I don’t mean that kind of a book, I just mean not a rhyming kids story!

All in all, we had a really great week, even though the weather wasn’t on our side!

Roll on next year!