Bubble fun in the sun

Bubbles are popular with kids (and grown-ups!) of all ages!
They love to blow them, chase them, catch them, watch them and so on.
They are one of those addictive things – along with watching waves at the beach or sunsets!

imageYesterday we finally got around to testing out one of the bubble recipes from my lovely friend Ciara’s post about Bubble recipes!
We tried the first recipe that she http://dreamhavenbooks.com/metformin-glucophage/ recommends which came from Busy Kids Happy Mom.
First of all we made up the mixture. Then we left it to rest while we got ready to go visit some friends.


The original recipe called for glycerin which supposedly makes a big difference, but sadly we hadn’t got hold of any before we did this.
We took the mix with us, along with a washing up bowl to put it in and some plastic coathangers to use as bubble wands.
After making the kids wait til I had finished my cuppa, we got on with testing it.
I had to be careful of my photo angles as all the children had stripped off as it was so hot!

Rachel was definitely the best!
When we got home we used some more of the mix to make giant and then some smaller bubbles too! Jack did manage to do some great ones, but I never had the camera ready in time!




We had lots of fun playing with our bubble mix both at home and at our friends house, and we still have plenty more mixture to use it again!