Car wash

Life sometimes requires us to do household chores indoors and out. We can make doing chores fun and you can involve the kids and get them to help. My two love to help to vacuum- although it takes a lot more time this way!

wpid-20140503_112030.jpgOn a fine day, washing the cars is a perfect example of something you can do with the kids and have a lot of fun doing it to!

We are lucky enough to have 2 cars but this means double the washing.

We let them spray the cars with the jet washer.

wpid-20140503_111918.jpgThen we gave them a sponge each and let them loose on scrubbing down the cars with the car shampoo. wpid-20140503_111753.jpg

They loved getting all covered in the soap and being sprayed by daddy with the jet wash. After a while they just took to washing themselves with the sponges *groan*.



Shiny cars and soaking children! Great fun! Make sure you have towels at the ready!

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