Making a frozen style dress

Frozen is the biggest thing that has come out of Disney recently!Everyone is going crazy for it (including a lot of parents too!) Rachel is turning 6 in 2 week’s time and has a birthday party next weekend.

How to go from bad mummy to supermum!

How to go from bad mummy to supermum!

I was told in no uncertain terms – in Sainsbury’s in front of a lot of people – that I was stupid trying to buy some lovely owl-themed party accessories, because her party was a Frozen party and Daddy knew this! Oh dear – bad mummy.

She loves Frozen and they play at being Elsa in the playground at school and sing all the songs – particularly Let it Go – badly all day long! For her birthday, she really wants a queen Elsa doll – she keeps a picture of it under her pillow!- and a Frozen Elsa dress.

As money is a bit tight this month, due to the additional nursery fees I am paying for Jack, the doll will have to wait – unless someone else wants to buy it for her?!.

And as for the Frozen dress? Well, the official ones are currently retailing at approximately £100 on Ebay, so that too was a definite no.

I decided to look for unofficial ones and found a whole host of beautiful frozen-inspired dresses on Etsy. But all the reasonably priced ones were handmade and would not be likely to be delivered in time, as most are taking up to 4 weeks for delivery.

So I turned to my new passion – Pinterest – and found some great instructions on how to make a lovely tutu dress.

Making clothes is not generally my forte but I found a step-by-step guide that looked really straightforward – no sewing involved! – so here is how I did it.


ready, steady, go

To make the dress you will need :
a crochet boob tube (£3.00 from ebay)

2m of 140cm net (1 in turquoise – also available here from amazon 54″ wide Dress Net Fabric Turquoise – per metre
and 1 in pale blue – available from amazon 54″ wide Dress Net Fabric Pale Blue – per metre
) (£1.40 each from ebay)

2m of sparkly white net – you can get some similar here : 56″ wide Glitter Net Fabric Silver – per metre
(we already had this)

2m of 15mm turquoise ribbon (99p from ebay)  – or 2 Metres of 10mm width Double Faced Satin Ribbon – Choose from over 20 Colours (Turquoise)

an iron-on motif (£3.99 from ebay)

iron the motif on

iron the motif on

1. Iron the motif onto the white/turquoise boob tube. I had to buy a white one as I couldn’t find anyone that was selling turquoise ones!

2. Fold the net in half (to whatever your desired length – I wanted it to be floor length for a 6 yr old so I folded it down the 140cm length side so the tutu is approx 70cm in length)

3.Cut the all 3 pieces of folded net into roughly 6″ strips.

push the folded end through the crochet

push the folded end through the crochet

4.Push the net (at the folded end) through the whole on the crochet top (use the second row of holes as the first is quite fragile) to make a loop

thread the unfolded ends through to make a slipknot

thread the unfolded ends through to make a slipknot

5. Thread the unfolded ends through the loop you have made, making a slipknot and pull tight. (this was harder with the new net as it was quite stiff)

6. Repeat this all the way around – I alternated the 3 net fabrics so it goes turquoise, pale blue, white sparkly – although having said this, around the back I ran a bit short of the coloured nets so it is mostly white.

keep doing all the way round

keep doing all the way round

7. Thread the ribbon through just above the tutu skirt. Tie in a bow just off centre to one side

8. Using the other half of the ribbon make a slipknot at the top centre of the boob tube thus creating a ribbon halter neck.

Ta Dah!

fairytale dress

fairytale dress

I am going to add a turquoise sparkly cape (£3.80 from ebay for the material) or get something similar here : GFM Sheer Shimmer Iridescent Scarf (Teal)(E1)
and also bought her some cute little white wedges from ebay for £6.99.

So total cost was £21.57 including cape and shoes – just need some pretty tights or shiny leggings to go underneath.

It’s not perfect – a bit rough around the edges as I had to cut it with kitchen scissors – and its not exactly like the Elsa dress, but I think she will be happy with it.

And now I know how easy it is to do this I expect she will be getting lots of home-made party dresses from now on! I just need to find a non-sew easy-to-make pattern for boys dressing-up clothes and Jack will be happy too!

Now no-one tell Rachel – I want it to be a surprise!!

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