Down by the river

This week we went to Stratford upon Avon for a family day out. It is a beautiful place with plenty of activities for adults and children of all ages. For this visit we wanted to be outdoors, so we went down by the river to make the most of a pleasant spring day.river cruise


wpid-20140413_122357.jpgThere is a lovely playground next to the car park by the river, so we were not going to be allowed to get past without playing there first! On the swings, climbing frames, zip wire and in the sand.

feeding the ducks,swans and geese
feeding the ducks,swans and geese

Then we strolled down to the riverside itself, where we had fun feeding the ducks and the swans, being really careful not to let the kids fall in – after all we didn’t want to be the parents of the kids who fell into the Avon!

We had a pleasant lunch overlooking the river in a burger restaurant called the Lazy Cow.

view from the upstairs balcony of the lazy cow
view from the upstairs balcony of the lazy cow

They have a children’s menu available with “sliders” which are really small burgers! And the views from the balcony were beautiful.

Then finally before we had to head home, to complete the family day out, we took a river boat cruise.

there are hundreds of swans on the river
there are hundreds of swans on the river

It lasts around half an hour to forty minutes and although not massively exciting, it is definitely a relaxing way to pass some time on a pleasant day, looking at the amazing houses and buildings that line the riverside and spotting all the wildlife.


Although this cruise was on the River Avon in Stratford, we have also cruised on the River Thames which has some amazing sites to behold and I am sure there are plenty of places around the country which have similar options.

It is a really lovely and peaceful outdoor activity to do with your family, particularly when the sun dares to shine.

view from the Thames riverboat cruise

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. This looks like a lovely day out, we’ve not taken out kids on a river boat cruise yet – keep meaning to and definitely would like to!

  2. I dont know whether my comment just went through, I have a feeling it didnt as I accidently clicked something else just as it was submitting! but maybe??? anyway I just said it looks so nice and we definitely need to do something like this! My kids would love it

      1. Fab, I love Pinterest, my biggest referrer (although I’m only new to this and still trying to establish myself as you know lol!!!!). What is your Pinterest name so I can follow you, then follow me back so I can send you an invite, unfortunately I cant unless we both follow each other. Looking forward to having you as part of the group!

          1. invite sent! And yes you are following me already – my Pinterest was acting up and was showing up your name for some reason on my account – anyway, all sorted! :)

  3. Oh we do love Stratford… helps that my best friend lives there :) sounds like you had a lovely day #CountryKids x

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