fun with playdough

This post is all about the shop-bought variety of playdough!

I will, inevitably, at some stage show you all how easy (and cheap!) it is to make your own playdough because it is actually a lot more simple than some might think, but Jack had saved up his pocket money especially so that he could buy some!

And there is something about real playdoh that you cannot quite replicate when you make it – the texture and smell is quite intoxicating.

So this morning we took a quick trip to Sainsbury’s and purchased a 4-pack of tubs of Play-doh!


Playdough is a great way to entertain little ones and it will keep my two entertained for a while. Rachel is happy to mould things by herself, but Jack still wants help a lot of the time and needs a bit of persuasion to try and make things for himself.

He enjoys using Play-doh cutters and other Play-doh sets that we have amassed over the last couple of years – including the Play-Doh Shape and Spin Elmo and the Play-doh Sweet Shoppe.

wpid-20140422_120619.jpg These purpose made tools/toys are great, but to be honest kids are often also just as amused given a rolling pin and plastic knife!

Here’s our video!