Motorcycle Live 2014

We were lucky enough to get free tickets to Motorcycle Live at the NEC, thanks to my 3 year olds new best friend. Well obviously his new best friend didn’t give us the tickets, but rather his mum who happens to organise the event, and after discussing it at a school assembly last week, one morning this week, as we passed in the playground, she passed me an envelope which contained 2 tickets :-)
Happy days, a free day out with motorbikes, hubby’s idea of heaven – he has already decided that when he hits his midlife crisis that is what he plans on doing…
We decided to train it over, as its only a 10 minute train ride from our local station and cost us a minimal £3.80 return for the four of us, rather than facing the traffic jams and parking at the NEC.

The outgoing train was packed though and we all had to squish together. Luckily, we managed, and didn’t lose anyone on the way!
We went straight in to the show and immediately James and the kids were hopping on and off some of the amazing bikes on display – obviously only the ones you were allowed to sit on!!



Hubby got to sit on his dream bike – a Harley Davidson Fat boy – but the only photo I got of him was sitting astride a 3 wheeler! He was not impressed!!
We walked around until we found the childrens section.
Jack got to ride on the balance bikes but sadly Rachel was too old. Rachel and Daddy went to look at the mini motorbikes, but sadly they were fully booked too – queue one stroppy 6 year old…
When Jack had had enough, we carried on walking around. He loved the quad bikes and they found some racing cars too!

They loved watching the offroad bikers showing off, zooming round a mini dirt track and jumping over the mini hills.
We found a corner and sat down to eat our packed lunch.
By now, Jack was also stroppy as he wanted a bike, and Rachel was still grumpy as she hadn’t got to have a go on anything! But the food helped and we carried on looking around.
Daddy really wanted to watch the stunt show, but we decided that the kids had probably just about had enough, so we had a few more quick sits on the bikes before heading home.
Rachel obviously knows that the mirrors are for checking your face!!
They both loved the motorbike and sidecar!
All in all it was a great little trip for a rainy Saturday morning.

(Photos in this post for dash of colour and movement! So, so behind now!!)

YouTube Diva

It looks like my 6 year old has been watching too many of those horrific you tube videos- if you have kids, you know the ones I mean, where that awful lady unwraps stuff covered in Playdough blah blah blah.(apologies if that’s you, the kids are mesmerised but it does grate after about the 100th viewing!!)

Anyway, as I was saying Rachel has seen so many of these that she has taken it upon herself to make her own!

She has recently become obsessed with the mini Zelfs and this afternoon, after she had bought herself 3 new ones ( a treat to match the motorbike Jack had chosen at the Motorcycle live show), she disappeared up to her bedroom with my mobile and made her own.

I am not sure she would have let us know what she had been up to had my phone not run out of memory, but when it stopped recording she soon came down to tell me off!

She has decided that she should have her own show – called The Rachel Show, obviously, and has made a couple more videos since.

Sadly my phone kept running out of memory whilst she was mid-sentence so she was getting very frustrated, so she decided to move onto Daddy’s phone, although she was a tad more embarrassed making her “show” in front of Daddy!

So here you are her first attempts at vlogging/reviewing!!

Homemade Sparkly Blue Playdough – and 3 ways to play

This afternoon, after much nagging from my son, we made some blue, sparkly playdough.
He wanted pink for some reason but I got him to settle for the blue today- but not out of any desire to stereotype colours for girls or boys or anything like that!!

The recipe we used is really simple:
1 cup plain flour
1 tablespoon oil
1 tablespoon baking soda
1/4 cup salt
blue food colouring
boiling water
blue glitter

We mixed the flour, oil, baking soda and salt together.


Then we put the blue food colouring into a cup and added some of the water.
We added this to the dry mix a little at a time until we had a not too wet dough.
Finally we added a drop of glycerine for shine, and loads of blue glitter.



Three ways to play:

1. use it to make a picture or scene.
We found the blue shimmery dough was great to form a sea for our paper boat, and a sky for our paper plane!
Great for learning to roll out the dough, make it flat and encourage imagination.



2. Use it with an official “playdough” toy. We used the Elmo shape and spin to make different shapes.
We also made Elmo a hat, scarf and gloves!
Great for learning shapes!



3. Make a model!
We started making a face, which Jack then decided should be the witch from the book Room on the Broom, which he had been studying and reading at nursery and at home this week. The face soon became a head, then arms and then an entire body!
Great for fine motor skills and learning body parts.



Chewy Cookies

Although we love the crumbly cookies we made here, we are also big fans of the stickier, chewy cookies, so Jack and I have been baking again!
The recipe:
We found this on    and tweaked it a little bit!

The method:
1. cream together the sugar and butter
2. add in the egg and vanilla essence and mix well.


3. finally fold in the flour, baking soda and chocolate chunks


4. optional – we added some food colouring to some of our cookies to make them a bit more fun!


5. pop a dessertspoon sized dollop of
the mixture on a baking sheet
6. repeat at approx 5cm intervals
7. bake for about 15-20 mins in a preheated oven (160°C)

Voila! Yummy, sticky, chewy cookies a bit like Millies Cookies!



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