5 easy recipes

5 easy recipes for fun activities using household ingredients

Who knew that you could have so much fun with only a handful of household ingredients?

Here are the top 5 recipes we have used to make and do!

5 easy recipes


our first attempt at homemade dough

Every child loves to play with playdough! If your child(ren) are anything like mine, they don’t put it away properly and it dries out… So we go through playdough super quickly.

So we learnt how to make our own!
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Today, time is not my friend.

Today there is not enough time in the working day to get all my work done.

There is not enough time to spend good, quality time with both of my children.

There is not enough time to hear Rachel read.

There is not enough time to play games with Jack.

There is not enough time to write all the blog posts I have started.

There is not enough time to clean the house or do the washing.

There is not enough time to relax, have a bath, read a book, watch tv.

There is not enough time to see my friends and chew the fat.

There is not enough time to relax with and just spend some time — maybe have dinner or even, god forbid, a date night – with my husband.

There is not enough time juggle every ball that is flying around in my life.

There is always tomorrow you say…

But is there really?

I mean tomorrow never comes, tomorrow is just today all over again.

I want to stop time.

I want to linger.

I want to enjoy.

I want to breathe.

That is all.

I have no more time to write this.

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