Painting Autumn Trees

We have been making some autumn tree paintings.

Thanks to ideas from the lovely Ciara at Our Little House in the Country, we decided to do some fingerprint autumn trees.

First of all we laid out the card and drew around our arms.

Then we coloured this arm all in, Rachel used a brown crayon and Jack used the bronze sharpie. Both make great tree-trunks!


Then we got our paint together.

We had to mix some of the colours, so we had all the colours we needed for the different coloured leaves.

Then it was time to roll up our sleeves, get on our aprons and start printing the multicoloured autumn leaves with our fingers.

We had green, red, orange, yellow and brown leaves.


The children loved getting their hands dirty but it was hard to explain to the 3 yr old why we needed to wipe our hands between colours! Especially as we didn’t have much red paint so we couldn’t make up any more red, orange or brown paint if they got messed up!

Also I popped a smaller piece of paper over the bottom of the tree trunks so that they didn’t print their leaves or spill paint down there!


The final product looks pretty great though!



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