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Project Hallway

No DIY project in our household is ever completed quickly.
And if I am honest many are never completed – for example our new kitchen, which is now well over a year old, has still not been completely painted!diy quote
So when we decided to do the hallway, we asked a chap we had used before to come and do it for us.
We decided that to save money and time, we would strip the wallpaper. We could manage that!
But we had decided to get the walls re-skimmed and there was no way we were going to do that!
Unfortunately somewhere along the lines, there was a communication breakdown and when the decorator arrived, he practically sat down and put his head in his hands, saying he would need help with this big job.
Anyways we didn’t hear back from him again!
So after about 6 weeks of bare, flaking plaster walls, we found someone else to do the work.
I don’t think this new chap particularly enjoyed doing the job but he did a great job in the end – despite having to re do the landing ceiling twice…
Anyway after about a month, we finally found the time to start painting.
So far we have painted the hallway, first set of stairs and the landing, half the doors and skirting boards and some of the banisters. Who knows when we will get it all done, but aside from the flooring, most of the bottom level is done.
Which has meant I have been able to go wild with decorative items.
I bought new canvas prints for the hall, ironically from 2 completely different shops but perfectly matching!
I also painted the shelves we had put in where the old kitchen door was and have filled them with accessories.

Then my 2 pride and joys!
Firstly in the hall I have customised a cheap pine bench from homebase, spray painted to give it a aged feel, then stencilled on the front a french-style label. Then on the lid I have added a foam and covered it with some great animal patterned material I got from Dunelm.


Finally I have finished it with a heart on some jute string, hung througn a hole we drilled in the front.

wpid-wp-1408302295602.jpgThe 2nd thing I love, but hubby is not so keen on, is the photo wall up the stairs.
I have 3 rows of pictures – polaroid style – hung on some jute string, with various styles of wooden mini pegs.

We take so many photographs these days and rarely print them out as we never have enough frames to hang them in, so this is a great way to show off a whole load of your photos.


I think it is a really simple, yet effective way to display memories.

How do you display all of your photographs?

Next step is to get the flooring done. Maybe we’ll do that before Christmas!!


Raspberry Lemonade

We made some lovely, refreshing raspberry lemonade today!
I had seen the post from Happy Hooligans on making lemonade and I thought it looked delicious.
As one of the things I wanted to do with the children this summer was make Lemonade we decided to follow their recipe but make some changes of our own.
The idea had come to me when we picked fresh fruit recently, but as we didn’t have any fresh raspberries, and our local shop didn’t have any fresh ones in stock we used tinned raspberries.

The ingredients for our lemonade were simple:

1 cup sugar

5-6 cups water

4 large lemons

1 tin raspberries


Here is how we made it:

1.Firstly we measured out the cup of sugar and one cup of water. Place these in a saucepan and then mummy heated them up to make a syrup.

2. Next we squeezed the lemons.wpid-wp-1408481428582.jpeg

3. Then we liquidised the raspberries.wpid-wp-1408481418123.jpeg

4. We sieved the lemon juice and raspberries into a large bowl, to remove all the pips and pith.wpid-wp-1408481409724.jpeg

5. Finally we added the syrup and the extra water.

Keep chilled and serve with ice.


It makes a delicious, refreshing drink.

For other flavours of lemonade, why not try substituting the raspberries with strawberries, blueberries or cherries.

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