UKCA schools Competition 2015

On Saturday 20th June, the velodrome in Manchester played host to the UK Cheerleading Association schools competition.
UKCA Schools Competition

This was our second year to attend the UKCA schools competition with our 7 year old, who was competiting in the Key Stage 1 group.
Last year the team did a pom routine and came fourth so sadly did not get to bring home one of the big trophies. It was the first time the school had taken the “mini owls” to the competition though, so everyone was very proud.
This year, as there were a lot more year 2’s in the group, they tried something new. They tried a stunt routine.
The girls had worked really hard and gave it their all – performing their routine the best I had seen them do it.
And to their credit they got a well-deserved second place trophy!
The day itself is very long. We had to drop Rachel at school for 5.45am and she didn’t get back til around 8pm.
We set off not long after 6am to arrive in plenty of time for their performance, which was very early this year – last year we rushed their to discover they were only performing at 1pm!
The atmosphere in the velodrome is fantastic, full of really proud and supportive families.
The day is compered by one or, this year, two comperes ably assisted by the dj. The enthusiasm they exude keeps the audience entertained and excited and if you need a break from it, you can come and go as you please. Sadly this year it was raining – last year we laid out on the grass outside the velodrome in the sunshine.
The performances are packed in and at around 3pm they hold the awards ceremony.
There are large trophies for the teams placed 3rd, 2nd and 1st and the others get a small trophy. There were also some special awards handed out at the end – once again our coaches received a special award for all their services in pushing the cheerleading in schools right from the start.
We left once the awards were done and made it back to Coventry around half 6.
Shattered but very proud!

Being mum, boss and everything else in between

This evening I am tired.
I am currently sitting at the end of my 4 year olds bed, while he watches Morph on his (my) ipad before bed.
I am sure I am a terrible mother for doing this, but I always allow him half an hour (or so) screen time before bed. It gives me peace and calms him down. And I let him go to sleep listening to music (also on the ipad). – shocking..
Last night he was restless – blocked nose making him uncomfortable – and, as we let him sleep with us, that meant a restless night for everyone. I cursed him when he made me get up to get him tissues – more awful parenting I am sure.
This morning I went on his nursery trip to Ryton Pools – a country park – where I entertained four 4 year olds for 3 hours – making mud pies, building dens, mud painting and many more activities. Being super-enthusiastic and cheery.
Then, after getting back, I bundled him off to the childminders so I could shoot into work.
I got home from work around 7pm. 10 1/2 hours after leaving home. And now here I am sitting at the end of his bed. Contemplating life.

I am shattered. This is my life.

I have great intentions to be a better mum, a better wife, to have a tidier and cleaner home, to have friends and go out and do stuff, but I generally take on too much and regularly feel like I am failing to deliver any of it. And then become half-hearted about everything…

I took on something last year that I hoped I would be able build into something great, or at least something- something that might have allowed me to slow down and possibly reduce what I do in terms of work. But more and more it has dawned on me that I don’t have the time or energy to dedicate to it in the first place. But maybe one day…
I still keep up the blogging though. Is that bad? Maybe I shouldn’t. I mean , it doesn’t bring any respite or income. But I love it. I still keep plodding away at it. I know some people read it – not many – but still some do.

I know I sometimes just get too much into my head and should probably look at the bigger picture and be happy with what I have – I do know that I am actually really lucky, but I have a terrible habit of looking at other people and wishing I had what they have. Of course I also know that the grass isn’t always greener and appearances can be deceptive!!
I just wish someone could wave a magic wand for me and maybe put more hours in the day so I could fit in all the things I want to do. And give me the energy, confidence and ambition to do it all. Oh and maybe more money…


Drayton Manor Park and Thomasland Part 2

And so for the second part of our trip to Drayton Manor…

After the Dinotrail, we headed back through the zoo to hit the big rollercoaster. The Ben 10 ride.

We didn’t stop to see many of the animals but we watched the gibbons giving a swinging display to their audience, saw the meerkats watching all their visitors and checked out the owls – particularly the Snowy Owl which is Rachel’s favourite!

We headed to the Ben 10 ride and found that there wasn’t a great big queue. It is really dark inside, wheer you have to queue up and as there was no-one really in front of us it made it difficult to see where we were going! After following the corridors you come into a small room set up ass some kind of lab with monsters in tubes. This could be a little bit scary for some, but my two weren’t bothered! Then you go back outside to board the ride. It is quite a fast ride for little ones, but Jack, at three absolutely loved it, squealing and screaming (with joy!) all the way round!

Who would have thought that Jack would have been such an adrenaline junkie?!
Rachel and I then made the foolish decision to go on the Stormforce 10. It looks like a standard log flume ride. But do not be fooled! We got DRENCHED! And I mean drenched. Trousers, knickers – EVERYTHING!! It was fun though. There are three downward slides – the first is quite small and you get a bit splashed – fine we though, not too bad. The second was the one that got us. You go down the second backwards and as we were at the back we got hit with a wall of water! Then the third is the biggest – but really by this time, you are so wet, that you don’t really notice!

Jack was (sadly, or possibly fortunately!) too small, so he and Daddy went on the splash canyon ride – which also says you will get soaked, but they barely got splashed at all! 
Daddy and Rachel then went on the air race.
Spinning planes – upside down and everything!


After watching them on this ride, Jack and I headed back towards Thomasland, stopping to have a  a go on the Jolly Buccaneers ride. Daddy and Rach went on the big swinging Pirate ship whilst Jack and I managed a few quick rides in Thomasland – Harold the Helicopter, Bertie the Bus and the Diesels.
The rides closed at 5, so once they did we headed home.
Overall we had a fab day!

We Love Weekends 26th June

Last weekend we travelled to Manchester to watch our 7 year old compete in the UK Cheerleading Association Schools Championship.
I will get around to writing a post on this at some point, but I have been feeling awful ever since!
We had to drop her at school at 5.45am, and then had to leave ourselves just after 6.
It was a long day, but great fun and her little cheerleading team won the second place trophy :)

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